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Protectiva Compliance Manager

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Эти программы позволяют фильтровать корреспонденцию, скачиваемую почтовым клиентом с сервера.
SPAMfighter is Europe's leading spam filter developer, providing spam protection across the globe for 4.069.348 home and business users on PC's and Servers. SPAMfighter Standard is a free tool for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail that automatically and efficiently filters spam and phishing fraud.
SpamAware is a plugin for Ms-Outlook and MS-Outlook Express. It uses SpamAssassin to score new incomming mails and decides based on the settings made in options what to do with the mail. It contacts through SpamAssassin several spam-server to be more efficient. The application is completely functional after installation and gets automatically active on new mails. It supports Black- and Whitelist filtering and is able to automatically add all your Outlook and Outlook Express contacts and add recipients of mails you write to the Whitelist.
Bounce spam messages back to the spammers who sent them. Make them think your email address is invalid. BounceBully sends a spammer a message that's the equivalent of "Return to Sender. Address Unknown." Spammers who receive these bounced messages may be encouraged to remove you from their spam lists because they think your email address is not active. Punish spammers by sending a "hit" to there website that does not produce money for them. Find out where in the world your latest spam message came from.
ChoiceMail is a permission based spam blocker that customizes itself to you. Permission-based means ChoiceMail assumes email is spam unless it knows otherwise. Only approved email gets into your inbox.
Anti-Spam Filter
SpamLiquidator's free Anti-Spam Filter is an innovative self-learning spam filtering system, offering you spam protection without deleting the important correspondence. The software maintains its own collaborative spam-tracking database, which uses the signatures of spam messages. It is different from other anti spam programs in the way that you're not the only one to "teach" it, but all of our project users contribute to it.
Anti Spam Boy
Monitor and delete email spam automatically. Detects spam before it reaches the mail system and kills the receive process immediately. Saving you a lot of bandwidth. Spam will not reach your mailboxes. It works with any e-mail client, and supports an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. Setup is simple with a few clicks. There is no need to reconfigure your e-mail client and you can manual enter unwanted spammer's domains.
POPFile is an automatic mail classification tool. Once properly set up and trained, it will scan all email as it arrives and classify it based on your training. You can give it a simple job, like separating out junk e-mail, or a complicated one-like filing mail into a dozen folders. Think of it as a personal assistant for your inbox.
The award winning Elgr sits between your e-mail reader and the internet, checking e-mail as it is received. Just install Elgr and it will start working as soon as your e-mail reader connects to the internet to download new mail. Spam will automatically be deleted (you will find it in the deleted items folder).
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